Ep 18: Persona 5 (Pt. 2): April & Kamoshida Palace

April 28, 2017

LET US START THE GAME. In the first month of Persona 5, things start out grim: our protagonist is a juvenile delinquent, the gym teacher rules the school with a mix of intimidation, sexual and physical abuse, and a mysterious app is sending us to a nightmarish parallel world. Along the way we discover a dungeon full of butt statues, forge an unexpected alliance, and meet a talking cat.


Ep 17: Persona 5 (Pt. 1): First Impressions and Overview

April 21, 2017

THIS STORY IS A WORK OF FICTION. We join the Phantom Thieves and set out to steal hearts with our first episode on Persona 5. In this episode we go into our first impressions, mechanics, and talk about how Atlus's latest compares to previous Persona and SMT games.


Ep 16: Strange Journey (Pt. 4): The Ubergestalt

April 18, 2017

Does the Schwarzwelt have an end? To discover this, we delve into the infernal dungeon of Horologium, find out which member of the team is taking style cues from David Bowie, and decide whether god, demons or filthy humans deserve to take control of this burned-out husk of a world.