Ep 20: Persona 5 (Pt. 4): June and Kaneshiro’s Palace

May 12, 2017

AKECHI IS BAE. Or is he? As our Phantom Thieves enter June, we meet a famous boy detective, gain an important team member, and take on a loser yakuza boss ensconsed in a flying saucer bank. We also start what may be our creepiest and most inappropriate confidant link with a strangely familiar private maid.


Ep 19: Persona 5 (Pt. 3) May & Madarame Palace

May 5, 2017

What if an evil painter rose to fame on the backs of underpaid labor? No, we’re not talking about Thomas Kinkade here; in fact Madarame is the toast of the art world. The Phantom Thieves are on the case, gaining a new member while they’re at it and sending Mona out on his own Mission Impossible mission. But what is the secret of the enigmatic Sayuri painting?